What do I need to know to sign up and play?

  • All booking for Waco Escape Rooms is online. After you select your room, reserve a spot for you and your team via our online booking page.
  • Each person pays $25 to play. We operate daily (see online booking for hours).
  • Since you have already paid online, all you need to bring with you is your booking confirmation and photo ID.
  • Once you arrive, you will be greeted in the lobby by our friendly host, learn the rules of the game, and be locked in an escape room with nothing but your wits to get you out.
  • Your team has 60 minutes to work together to escape by solving riddles and finding hidden objects that reveal the way out.

To play do you need to bring the maximum number of people for the room or can we book a small group in a larger room?

You are welcome to book smaller parties in larger rooms -- but don't be surprised to make a new friend or two in the process! The only way to ensure your group has the room to yourself is to book all available spots.

Be sure to take note of the suggested group size indicated on each room page -- this is provided to maximize your enjoyment of the room!

Each room has a maximum player limit. Groups wanting to bring more players than the limit can be accommodated but will still be charged $25/player. And they must have purchased all the spots for that particular room.

When booking a private room, you are paying for the maximum player limit of that room and will have to pay for any additional players beyond that limit.

I booked a room but now I need to change my booking to a different time. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Give us a call at (254) 294-7550 and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

One more person really wants to join my group to play a room with me. I see that the room is full online but can I still add another person?

If you have booked out a room for just your party, we do have the ability to add an additional player or two. If your group is sharing the room with another group, however, we cannot exceed the capacity listed on the room pages.

I have children younger than 12 years old, can they play a Waco Escape Room?

Absolutely, we LOVE families playing together at Waco Escape Rooms. We trust parents to make decisions about whether their children are ready to enjoy an escape room. Just know that rooms were built for ages 12+ to have the fullest possible experience in solving the series of puzzles and clues. But so long as your child has adult supervision you are welcome to book a spot and play with them!

I was interested in bringing my work team on a weekday for team building. Do you have private bookings? Are you doing any of those during the day? Thanks!

Yes! Absolutely! We actually have the capacity to host groups of 10 or more during the day. We will gladly make special arrangements if you'll reach out and contact us.

Is it possible to host birthday parties or other celebrations at Waco Escape Rooms?

We love parties! While we are unable to offer special party packages at this time, we will be thrilled to work special items (small gifts or cards) into the room if you plan ahead. Private celebrations follow the same guidelines as other private events.

I would looooove to work at Waco Escape Rooms — how do I apply?

We regularly post on social media wen we have opening, but you are always welcome to complete an application through our hiring page for us to keep on file.

Who should I contact to discuss covering Waco Escape Rooms in an article, news segment, podcast, or (insert creative idea here)?

Cory Dickman is the person you will want to reach out to. The more creative the idea, the more enthusiastic he will be! The easiest method of communication is wacoescaperooms@gmail.com.

While these are the most frequently asked questions, we don't really know what you want to know until you ask!

So contact us and we will answer your questions as quickly as we can.