Magnum Opus FAQs

What is a live online escape game?

A live online escape game is a series of puzzles you must solve and complete before your 60 minutes are up. We have a webcam set up for the puzzles, which you will view on your computer at home.You can ask us to manipulate and move the puzzles you see on screen. You must have internet access in order to play.


How do I book a live online escape game?

You can book anytime on our website at Click the BOOK NOW button. If you browse by Activity, Magnum Opus is listed on the bottom row. If you browse Calendar of Availability, you can view different available time slots on a variety of dates.


What do I need to play an online live escape game?

You will need a computer, speakers (earphones or headset), microphone, email and internet access. Please make sure that your microphone, sound and Google Hangouts work fine.

Hangouts is a free online call service that we’ll be using for the video stream of the game.

It is required to play this game on a computer with speakers and mic, as the game is not compatible with mobile devices.

If this is the first time you are using Hangouts, please have a test video call and confirm that everything runs properly.


Why do you need my email?

Email is required to participate via Google Hangouts. You must have access to this email as your invitation to join the hangout will be emailed shortly before the game starts. It will be used strictly for game play and not for promotional purposes.


How many can play in a group?

There is no limit to the total number of people playing. Up to 9 computers/emails may be invited to the Google Hangout. You may have as many people as you'd like participating at each location. We do recommend you still follow your area's social distancing recommendations and limit to just those living in your household.