There's no fun to be had in business quite like building a business with incredibly capable & enjoyable friends -- this is especially true when your collaborative efforts revolve around crafting clues and imagining wild new ways to trap people happily in unexpected escape scenarios.

Cory Dickman, Director of Operations

Cory Dickman


Born in California and raised on the outskirts of Portlandia, this West Coast kid found himself in the heart of Texas about nine years ago when he started his freshman year at Baylor University.

Over that time, Cory has worked in the Richland Mall, KWTX Channel 10, Baylor Athletics, and Grace Church. Plus, there was a little bit of studying packed in there somewhere.

Now with a Bachelors degree in Communications, a Masters degree in Management, and deep love for Schmaltz's, Cory bleeds green and gold and is introducing the good people of Waco, TX to what an escape room is all about.

Sic 'Em Bears

Jared Dauenhauer

The creative engine of Jackson Escape Rooms, Jared is an unstoppable force.

Jared knows how to get inside your head, make you a little crazy, but leave you wanting more. Just ask his lovely young bride, AlLee, who keeps Jared grounded -- and Jackson Escape Rooms running smoothly.

Jared is a Texan, a proud Baylor University grad, and most recently worked in Student Development at Union University.

AlLee Dauenhauer

AlLee is a Pre-K teacher and wife of Jared (both full time jobs).

Known for her organization, Pinterest posts, and kind heart, AlLee's expertise ranges from event planning to cozy home decor.

She has also carefully crafted the customer experience for Jackson Escape Rooms (so be sure to thank her for her hospitality & thoughtfulness when your escape attempt is complete).